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Land of Oz Hire Service

Australia Phone : 02-9896-1396             Mobile :0425-23-7938             International Phone : 61 2 9896 1396

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Cheeky Nurse costume

{$34 ea} plus postage
this is a special price


Sexy Nurse Costume
Dress with apron and hat
I estimate small will go up to size 12
I estimate 'Plus Size' will go up to size 16


Doctor Costume
Lab coat, mask
I estimate it will just go to a tripleX size
(Stethoscope sold separately)

See Make-up page

Doctor Costume Set

Surgeon Scrubs Costume

{$45 ea} plus postage

Surgeon Scrubs

Shirt, Pants, Cap, Mask

I estimate it will go to a Large size


Stethoscope - Plain

{ $6 } plus postage

Plain Stethoscope

Cheeky Nurse Bandages


'Dr Ben Dover' Costume
Lab coat with buttocks attached, head refector, 
Regular size

{$60 ea} plus postage


Cheeky Doctor Costume

Cheeky Nurse Stethoscope

Cheeky Nurse Prescription Pad


These costumes are limited in availability, so you will need to phone order.

These costumes are NOT able to be tried on in store.

You may use a credit-card over the phone or ask for a paypal request to be sent to you via email.

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Address : 401 Blacktown Rd, Prospect,  2148

  Ph: (02) 9896-1396 
Mobile Ph: 0425-23-7938

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